Site Manager
Precise Staffing Solutions Pty Ltd
Kimberley, Northern Cape
Posted 06 March 2020

Job Details

Job Description

Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Bacherlor's Degree or Diploma in Mining or equivalent NQF Level 7 qualification 
  • Blasting certificate: Competency A and Legal Liability 

  • Eight years plus previous management experience 
  • Eight year plus experience with exposure to open cast mining 
  • Extensive experience in dealing with clients at all levels

  • Understand the requirements of the Mines: Health and Safety Act
  • Employment Laws and Industrial Relations 
  • Understanding of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental requirements 

Physical Requirements: 
  • Medical Fitness Certificate 

Legal Requirements: 
  • Legal appointee in terms of Section 7(4) read with regulation 2.6.1 of the Mine Health and Safety Act.